That moment when you’re recording a video and the school in front of your house decides to let all children play on the yard while blaring “Baby shark” through the sound system…

Modern educational institutions care a lot about content: what theories we teach, what ideas students are exposed to, what skills they come away knowing. But we rarely address the more general question of how one transforms their mind into a tool well-honed for elite-level cognitive work.

When it comes to personal effectiveness, the tools are never the issue.

I say all this to suggest that, perhaps, email is not “broken” but the way we are using it is. Perhaps there is a solution that could make things better for you that doesn’t involve a new app or service. Perhaps, if you hate it, in changing the way you approach it you’ll find a way to love it again.

To all those companies bragging about their state-of-the-art use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: why don’t you start with creating something useful such as an actually working spam filter for my email?