Where am I most obsessively focused for the foresee-able future?
In no particular order:
(Inspired by Derek Sivers.)

  • Creating a free mini-productivity course centred around finding your own personal effectiveness style.
  • Thinking each day how to apply my year theme play outside to the things I do and plan to do.
  • Enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering Arena (I play as Jeroen#11442).
  • Going through scientific research on personal effectiveness.
  • Enjoying cocooning at home.

Updated 2023-04-18

📚 Currently reading:

Cover for Statistiek om mee te werkenStatistiek om mee te werken
by Arie Buijs

Cover for AntifragileAntifragile
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Cover for Built to MoveBuilt to Move
by Kelly Starrett

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