🤔 I’m having mixed feelings on WordPress.

On one side, the platform is hopelessly bloated, and on the other side, anytime I want to change something on my site I need “Yet Another Plugin”, since WordPress doesn’t do it out of the box.

Derek Sivers discusses what it is like to live according to your values:

Once you realize that one value is more important to you than another, you have to ask yourself if you’re living accordingly.

What’s ultimately more important to you?

  • Learning? Or creating?
  • Money? Or time?
  • Expanding? Or focusing?
  • (… etc.)

Once you know which takes top place, consider taking it to an extreme, to its logical conclusion, and optimizing your entire life around that top priority, letting go of almost everything else.

This is so important. If everything is a priority, nothing is and your output will most likely be mediocre.

Since VideoDrive doesn’t work on macOS Catalina (and I don’t see an update coming soon), I decides to give iFlicks a try for importing video files in the TV app.

So far I like it very much, especially the rules engine for customising and fixing meta data errors.

En este día hace tres años tuvo una videollamada que me cambió la vida. Era la primera conversación sobre lo que ahora es KENSO.

No teníamos ningún plan en concreto, no había propósito. Sólo había una conexión personal, muchas ganas de trabajar juntos y unos valores compartidos.

Personal effectiveness basics: steps you can take to keep your concentration and accomplish everything faster.

One tidbit I liked:

Creating lists can be a double-edged sword. Lists can certainly help you keep track of and prioritize tasks, but if a lack of focus is due to feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be accomplished, then creating a long list of tasks may make things worse

6 Tips to Improve Your Focus at Work and Get Everything Done Faster

Visto los acontecimientos de esta semana, esta cita es más actual que nunca:

La no violencia es la mayor fuerza a disposición de la humanidad. Es más poderosa que el arma de destrucción más poderosa concebida por el ingenio del hombre.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Today I made a huge mistake. When reading articles on several newspapers1 on the current events in Catalonia I made the humongous error to browse through the comments left by other reader. I instantly lost all hope for humanity.

Really, why do newspapers have comments at all? Don’t they feel responsable for their sites?

  1. I sometimes have the impression that I am the only person making the effort to always read articles published on both sides of the political spectrum ↩︎