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@ton It is always interesting to see the workflows of other people. (I know, I should really write a post about mine).

This caught my eye, since I ran into the same issue:

Until last week’s Zotero update I could easily grab those highlights and notes using a plugin and save them in markdown into my Obsidian notes vault. The update broke the plugin, so that flow is temporarily out of order.

I assume you're talking about the ZotFile plugin.

One of the reasons the latest Zotero update broke the plugin is because Zotero has not a built-in feature to extract annotations from a PDF file. You can access this function from the Notes sidebar in the built-in PDF reader. Just click on the + button next to Item Notes and select “Add Item Note from Annotations”.

Add Item Note from Annotations in Zotero

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers