I have data, therefore I Exist

Today I joined Exist to help organize and interpret my vast array of personal health data. I’ve integrated various tools into the platform, including Apple Health, Oura, my Withings scale, and even my calendar and weather data, in order to gain a comprehensive view of my health and habits.

Even though the app is still in the early stages of data collection, it’s already begun to show some interesting correlations. While some are quite predictable and not particularly useful, such as burning more energy when I exercise longer, or waking up later on weekends, others have been surprising. For instance, it appears there’s a higher likelihood of rain in Lleida on Wednesdays - an unexpected yet intriguing find.

What’s truly piqued my interest, however, are the correlations related to my body metrics. I’ve noticed that my weight tends to increase when the days are longer, a trend that seems to be quite common. Additionally, I’ve found that my lean mass tends to be higher when I have fewer events on my calendar.

So far, my experience with Exist has been quite intriguing. It’s fascinating to see the connections between various aspects of my life and health, and I’m excited to uncover more insights as I continue to use the app.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers