Migrating my passwords from 1Password to iCloud Keychain

Why am I still using 1Password? A few days ago I asked myself this question, and the only answer I could come up with was “Because that’s what I have been doing for years”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like 1Password and in the past it was vastly superior to any alternative. I loved that it could handle two-factor authentication without needing an additional app, and I liked their password suggestions.

But most features are now also available in the iCloud Keychain.

So today I migrated.

For a moment I thought that this would be the perfect occasion to clean up my list of passwords and delete services that don’t exist anymore, update easy to guess passwords. But that would change a 30-minute project into a 30-day project.

The migration itself was fairly simple. I followed the procedure from Simon B. Støvring: simply exporting all items from 1Password and importing them into the iCloud Keychain. Then I did an advanced search in 1Password for all items with two-factor authentication and created a locked note in Notes to store the backup codes.

Find logins with 2FA aneabled in 1Password

Easy peasy…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers