Focus modes in iOS make me happy

Not so much for focusing, but simply because it solves a practical problem for me.

You see, just like many people of my age I need reading glasses. Now, when I am working at my desk, I usually have a pair handy, but when I am out and about I usually leave them at home.

My solution in those cases is incrementing the text size in iOS to Extra Extra Extra Large, so I can read everything without glasses. The issue is that when I get home and use my phone with my glasses in the text is way to big and I have to set the text size back.

Now to make these text size changes easier, I took a two-step approach.

First, instead of changing the size in the phone’s settings, I used Shortcuts to create a very simple one-step automation:

Set text size in a shortcut

And in iOS 16, I can use focus modes to automatically trigger these shortcuts by creating automations in the Shotcuts app:

Trigger an shortcuts automation by  focus mode

Now all I have to do is switch my phone from one focus mode to another, and since I have smart activation configured, my phone quickly learned when to activate each mode, so usually I have the correct text size.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers