I’m picking up music editing and mixing. Here’s why

For the past four years I have edited a weekly podcast. At first using free online tools, the in GarageBand and lately using Logic Pro.

And the more I edit, the more I like it. At the same time I also realize that I still have a lot to learn.

So I took some courses about voice-over editing, EQ, compressors, limiters. I read quite some manuals and watched many hours of videos on YouTube.

I am now on a point where, if I really want to improve my podcast editing skills, I should start working on other podcasts to oblige myself to get out of my routines and templates.

But that would make podcast editing my main job.

Instead, of that, I decided to start mixing and editing music in my spare time.

Music is fun and cannot be confused with work. And to properly mix music, I will have to learn several new skills (I don’t play any instrument myself and can’t sing), most of which will probably be useless for podcast editing.

But I feel that I will also find things that could improve my podcast editing.

Si this is the plan: once a month I will mix a song and post the before and after tracks here on my site.

Next step: find an interesting song in multitrack format to download.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers