Why mine is so small

Whenever I show the new iPhone 13 Mini I bought a few weeks ago to friends or family, often I get the same reaction: “Nice! But it’s really small…”.

Yes, it is small, but that is exactly what I want from my mobile phone.

I know that the general consensus about phone sizes is to get the biggest screen possible in the smallest device possible, but my phone use is atypical.

For many people, and especially the younger generations, the phone is their main communication device. It is their most used ‘screen’, on which they communicate with friends, watch videos, write their notes, read information and many things more.

If I look at the ‘screens’ in my life, my phone comes at the fourth place.

My main ‘screen’ is my computer. I not only use it for my work, but also for watching videos, playing games, writing, messaging and reading in my free time.

My second most used ‘screen’ is my iPad, which I use mainly in our living room and at the patio. This device is mainly for information consumption: books, feeds, saved articles, videos, messaging and social networks. I also use it a lot for looking up information.

At the third position, we have our television. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but still use it more than my phone.

That leaves my phone on the fourth position. I hardly ever use it when I am at home, as I usually have a way bigger screen available. For me, the most important function is to be mobile and easy to carry with me. That is why I chose the smallest possible device.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers