When the latest version of Overcast came out, I decided to try to change my podcast listening workflow and use the built-in queue.

On the home screen, Overcast shows new episodes and I can long press them to add them to the queue.

Though it worked alright, it was more work than my previous workflow, so I switched back to to using my previous list.

I simply have an ‘All podcast’ playlist which collects all unplayed episodes. In this list, I have my own podcasts selected as priority podcasts, so they we’ll always be on top of the list.

Besides that' I always listen to the episodes in the list in strict chronological order.

My personal rule is that this list can contain a maximum of 5 episodes. If this threshold is passed, I will delete the least interesting episodes to get down to 5.

In the rare occasion my playlist is empty, I will browse through the list of podcasts which I have listened to in the past but to which I am not subscribed.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers