I purchased the new Oura ring

A little over three years ago I gifted myself the Oura ring. It served me very well, until the battery got damaged a few months ago after which it needed to be charged every two days. Fortunately, Oura has great service and they replaced my ring.

A few weeks after I received the replacement ring, Oura announced the third generation of the ring, with more and better sensors.

The minimalist in me decided that I have no need for a new ring. After all, mine was just replaced and should last several years without issues. Also, I don’t need the ring, it is just something nice to have.

However, with the new ring, Oura also launched a subscription service to access the data gathered by this new ring. The previous model, which I have, does not need a subscription to access the same data. That is one more reason not to upgrade, but…

I really like having an Oura ring and probably will replace my current ring with a new one once it wears down in a few years. And then I will have to pay the monthly subscription, unless…

If I upgrade now, I am eligible for a lifetime membership, saving a lot of money every year. Today I made the calculation: If I would like to wear an Oura ring for four more years, it makes sense to upgrade now, so I will save money on the subscription.

It is not what I planned to do, but it makes sense to me.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers