Updating older Apple devices

All my Apple devices are relatively old. My philosophy is to use them as long as I reasonably can.

This also means that usually after the WWDC I only have one burning question: will I be able to update my devices?

Last year, Apple did not include my late 2013 iMac in the list, so it still runs Catalina (not an issue so far).

This year there will be no casualties.

I will be able to update my iPhone 7; even the 6S is still supported so it looks like I will be able to reach the 6 year usage target.

Also my iPad Air 2 is updatable, even though it is tha last device on the list so this will probably be the last update.

Historically there has been a lot of talk about Apple’s planned obsolescence and even though the devices are hard to service by third-parties, six years of OS updates is very good.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers