Clubhouse: First impressions

The past two days I have been hanging around in Clubhouse.

So far I like it, though I would like to see a broader spectrum of conversation themes. So far, since the platform is full with online marketers, the main topics are “What is Clubhouse?” and “How can I use this platform for marketing my business?”.

I think audio is the perfect medium for establishing conversations, since it’s more personal and faster to produce than written text and it’s easier to get professional quelity than video.

That said, Clubhouse is a closed environment. Surely, soon there will be Clubhouse clones in many forms, but I doubt any open platform will get enough traction to pass Clubhouse as the most popular option.

I’m looking forward to have a conversation with you on Clubhouse. You can find me as always as @JeroenSangers.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers