23 years of blogging

23 years ago, I decided to add a page to my website where I explain what has been going on in my life. A few years later I learned that there was a name for such a page: a web log.

A lot has changed since then.

I have changed the blogging engine several times. The first page was made in Microsoft FrontPage, followed by hand-crafted Server Side Includes (SSI), the NewsPro CGI script and Movable Type, my favorite blogging engine of all times. Later, I decided that tweaking servers, databases and scripts was no longer a good use of my time, so I parked the blog on the hosted version of WordPress. And finally, this year I made the switch to Micro.blog.

Also the contents of the blogposts have changed in those years. Starting with a monthly post in Dutch summing up previous months activities in my life, I changed to writing in English when I migrated to Spain and wanted to keep an international group of friends up-to-date on my life here. When I got bored explaining my life I slowly shifted to a mixture of technology, humor, music and web standards. There also have been several years with hardly any new posts, as I focused on my successful Spanish productivity blog el Canasto. As of last year, I am back to blogging again (mostly in English, but sometimes in Dutch or Spanish), (un)focused on a mixture of personal themes, interesting stuff I found on the web and some technology.

As for the future of this blog, seen my recent interest in publishing more (I even wish to publish daily), I think it is safe to say that the blog won’t go anywhere. Now that I have kept it alive for 23 years, I surely want to make sure to celebrate its 25th anniversary in two years.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers