Concerns about my iCloud account

In preparation for the iCloud launch in autumn, I have been thinking about its impact on my use of Apple services. Our family uses several iDevices and the better syncing options offered by iCloud will be very welcome. However, I have some concerns about purchasing and synching.

At this moment I use two different accounts to access Apple’s services: I have a regular Apple ID which I use for purchasing Apps and home sharing media, and I also have a MobileMe account for synching data between my Macbook and the iPhone. The MobileMe account is used just by me, while all iDevices share the same Apple ID for the obvious reason that I don’t want to purchase apps twice. Furthermore, by using two separate accounts we are able to access all iTunes libraries from the AppleTV, without being obliged to synchronize calendars as well, as those are being synched using another account. In short: the Apple ID identifies the family/home, while MobileMe is used to identify a person.

When Apple activates iCloud, my Apple ID will also become the token for synching information, which is a problem for me. I would like to continue using the Apple ID to make purchases for the whole family and stream media between the devices of our family, while on the other hand each member needs a personal ID for synching calendars, mail accounts and other personal data. When Apple closes MobileMe I will be forced to sync my calendar through iCloud, but my wife has no interest at all in my appointments (and vice versa).

As far as I have been able to find out, iCloud will not offer such granularity. I assume that my situation is quite common and that many families with several devices will face the same issue. Does anybody know a solution for this problem, or do we simply have to wait for the final version of iCloud and hope that Apple has already a solution?

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers