Apple on your car

Lately I notice more and more cards driving around in Lleida with the Apple logo, and each time I see one I think by myself “why on earth would somebody stick that onto his car?” I also have that sticker at home, but it never occurred to me to stick it on my car.

Of course, Apple is a cool brand, is different and has a very nice logo. But whichever way I look at it, I see it as a profitable company, and sticking that logo on your car is free publicity for this company.

I guess it is the same people buying Bikkembergs shoes (if you remove the logo nothing is left) and certain Nike sportswear (a manufacturer logo on clothes should never be bigger than 2cm and preferably not visible at all) without asking any payment from the manufacturer in return.

In fact, the only logo I wear on my clothes is the logo of my employer, and only because they pay me to do so!

In my opinion, driving around with an Apple logo does not make you look cool, but rather stupid for making free publicity for a company.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers