Brain Tags redesigned

Today I launched the new design for Brain Tags. For a while I have been using the default theme provided by Movable Type, but after updating the blogging engine to version 4.2 I decided to make some changes to make fully use of the new features offered by this version.

The theme I used is called Mid-Century and is a good example of the possibilities of the latest version of Movable Type Pro. To improve speed and stability, I used a static publishing model, while using cached modules for some of the sidebar widgets. That way I can easily update for example my Latest Comments widget without having to rebuild all individual archive files.

With this redesign I also stopped using Google Adsense, as the income generated was simply too low to justify its use.

In the coming days I will probably be making some little adjustments to adapt the new design to my tastes and needs.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers