What is Brain Tags?

That is the question I have been asking myself a lot this year. In the past I always had a clear answer to this question, but lately I struggle with the aim of this site, which is why it has been very silent over here.

The first incarnation of Brain Tags was simply to inform my friends abroad about what was going on in my life, which was a very novel idea back in 1997. The second incarnation of Brain Tags in 2001 still had the same aim, but intense due to my emigration to Spain.

After some years the content started shifting to include web design and other technology topics. I got settled in Spain, and my daily life was not so interesting anymore…

And now that blogging has become very mainstream (my wifes mobile phone comes with a blogging client installed!) and there are a thousand blogs writing essentially the same, I wonder what the place of Brain Tags is.

For a while I thought about closing Brain Tags, but then I decided that I do have a very clear and sometimes unique opinion about many subjects. So I do want to continue writing here, but probably in a different format. I think that shorter articles with some original thinking (less copying/forwarding stuff from others) will be the way to go. I will also incorporate some other things such as Twitter steams etc. in the blog design.

Be prepared for changes, Brain Tags is alive!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers