Teaching Sells

First there where blogs, then came the e-books and now there are Interactive Learning Environments (ILE). Building an ILE is a novel way of sharing your knowledge. For the last two months I have been following the Teaching Sells course, and I am very enthusiastic about it.

The course is divided into five parts: Instructional design, marketing, creating multi-media content, business models and building membership sites. The more technical parts are not that interesting for me (just some links to the software used is enough for me), but the other three courses are well worth the money. Furthermore, the forums already brought some very good contacts, and I might be setting up some joint-ventures to start building membership sites.

My first ILE project will probably be a Spanish productivity course (what else?), on which I will start working in a few months (of course I am already doing some brainstorming now…)

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers