Looking back at 1998

Let’s continue our trip through the history of Brain Tags at 1998, my second year of blogging.

I celebrated my birthday party in De Jeugdhof, and after cleaning the floor we forgot to close the fire hose. The next morning when we came back to finish cleaning we encountered a swimming pool instead of our cleaned floor. Oops

I also went to Africa and visited the very interesting country of Lesotho. Of course, still being a rookie blogger I only slightly mentioned this instead of writing a post with high Google juice. Missed change indeed.

I also had the worst skin problems I remember and had to stay home for several days because my face was severely infected. I still don’t know what caused it (allergy?, stress?), but fortunately it didn’t return after 1998.

Then there were of course some stories about Jong Nederland, such as kaderschouw, the Night of 16+, planning the EuroContact and the famous volleyball tournament of the Utrecht district.

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Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers