A relic from the past


I just remembered that a little more than a year ago I took off my watch. The main reason was that my skin was irritated by the leather in the hot weather. And I knew that I didn't really need a watch, as I spend most of my days behind the PC with a little clock in the corner, and usually wear both my mobile phone and my Palm with me.

Now, after more than one year without wearing a watch, I don't miss it at all. Not only because I have clocks in other places, but most of all as time is not that important. While wearing a watch I found myself checking the time several times a day, while actually I only have four moments on the day on which I really need to know the time: the moment I have to wake up (taken care of by the alarm clock), the moment I leave the office for my lunch break (I will notice as my colleagues will leave too), the moment I go back to my office after lunch (which is after the weather forecast on TV finished) and the moment to go home after work (once again, I only have to follow my colleagues). For none of these moments I need a watch.

The more I think about it, the more useless watches appear. In fact, nowadays they only serve as a fashion accessory or in case you are out without a mobile phone. The watch has become a relic from the past.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers