A new blogging workflow

Whenever I had an idea for a blog post, I used to create a new entry on that particular blog, jot down my idea, and save the post as a draft. As soon as I had more time, I checked the list with draft posts, chose a draft, and finished the post.

What had worked perfectly for a long time, lately became a burden. The problem is that over the time I have collected a great number of interesting themes to write about, resulting in a big amount of drafts. Some of those drafts only contain an URL, while other are more elaborated. In short, it became too difficult to find out quickly what was what.

So now I have changed my blogging workflow. I transferred all my ideas to Google Notebook, where they are nicely ordered per blog. On that page I can see all ideas with their actual content at a single page. One glance on my Notebook, and I can quickly decide what to write. Furthermore, with the Google Notebook Firefox extension I am able to select a text on a random web page and copy it together with the address of the page to my Notebook.

From now on, drafts in my blogging software are actually pieces I already have started to write, which usually are only a few. This set-up keeps things clear, and speeds up my blogging workflow.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers