Travel irritations

I am on the road again. Today I am traveling from Barcelona to Cyprus, spending over ten hours in airplanes and airports. No distractions, just me, so I could get a lot of job done. I carry a laptop computer, and already wrote some documents, I checked my e-mail and read all interesting news in Google Reader. I am in the ‘flow’, but will soon have to stop working. My laptop is running out of batteries, and I still have about half the trip to go. I searched in every corner of the airport, but haven’t found a single power outlet!

Many travellers nowadays carry laptop computers and other electronic devices, and most of those devices need electricity. Batteries only serve for some hours, so power outlets in airports would be useful to many travellers. I can’t imagine the number of productive hours lost each year in Milano alone! Please airports, give us power outlets.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers