One month of Canasto

A little bit more than one month ago, I started a new weblog called ‘El Canasto’ in which I write about Getting Things Done and personal productivity.

Until now I have written 28 posts meaning that I have been able to keep up with my initial schedule of at least one post every two days. I found it easy to find new material, and usually have about 10 posts in he pipeline.

The people have received the new blog very well. I have received 30 comments/trackbacks. Quite some bloggers have found my blog and have reposted or linked to my articles. The most popular post is my translation of David Seah’s compact calendar for 2007 with 2850 unique views. At this moment I am receiving about 200-400 visitors per day.

So far it has been a very positive experience for me. Even though it costs me a little bit more time to write in Spanish, I enjoy using this language and already learned some more. Of course I tell my visitors that I am not a native speaker, and hope they are willing to forgive my errors.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers