Google Reader glitches

A while ago I tried out the new Google Reader, and haven’t looked back at my old RSSBandit ever after. It ran very smoothly since the start, and I just love the ‘River of News’ view.

But lately the experience has decreased. The last few days Google News feels slow, taking about 2-3 seconds to go from one article to the next one when I press the J key, which was also noticed by Robert Scoble.

I also noticed that sometimes it doesn’t load all my unread items as it did before; after reading about fifty articles, I reach the bottom, while there are still many unread items waiting for me to be read. This is not a big issue, as I can simply press the R to refresh. The last days I noticed another glitch: zombie articles:

Google reader telling me that there are no unread items, while there are 2 new articles

Google Reader tells me ‘Your reading list has no unread items’, while at the same time it shows that I have two unread articles from tech.memeorandum. For me, this is the most irritating glitch, as I have to leave my River of News to open the specific feed, change my setting to show all articles and go down the list to find the zombie.

Google Reader still is my preferred reader, and I hope they will solve these glitches soon.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers