Google can't merge accounts

I joined the Google Adsense program before I started using GMail. As a result of this, I have to logins for Google’s services: the old e-mail for AdSense and my Gmail account for using all other Google service.

I was fed-up with this situation, so I decided to look at the AdSense help pages for instruction on how to combine my two accounts. I found the following:

Right now, it isn't possible for AdSense publishers to update their email address directly from within their account. If you require an update of the email address associated with your AdSense account, please follow the instructions below to help us assist you.
  1. Draft a new email. If possible, please use the email address currently associated with your AdSense account
  2. Write 'Login change request' as the subject of your message
  3. Please include all of the following in the body of your message:
  4. The email address currently associated with your account
  5. The email address you'd like to use as your new account email address
  6. The date of the first day your account registered AdSense impressions
  7. The number of page impressions registered on your first day of impressions
  8. Send this email to

I collected all the necessary information, and requested a change to my Gmail account. This was their reply:

Unfortunately, I'm not able to update your AdSense login to a Google Account or a Gmail address because our system doesn't support this type of change at the moment. I sincerely apologize for the trouble this causes you, and I thank you for bearing with us as we work hard to extend this option to AdSense publishers in the future.

I can, however, update your AdSense login to a non-Gmail address if you prefer. You can simply reply to this email, providing the desired email address in the body of your response, and I’ll take care of your request as soon as I’m able.

WTF?! Google does not have the possibility to merge accounts???? If I sign up with Yahoo! I can use that e-mail account for AdWords, but I can’t use a GMail account? Great way to send customers to the competition! They’ve got some work to do then, since all those acquisitions they make will only bring more people like me with double accounts. It cannot be that hard, right?

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers