YAR (Yet Another Redesign)

After the succesful redesign of The Wizard of POS, I had gathered some momentum, and continued with the redesign of Brain Tags.

First of all, I reverted back to the basic Movable Type templates, as I had hacked the old templates to a level that made it very difficult to maintain and update. Actually, the latest update to version 3.31 broke my site at several parts.

When all templates were more or lass back to basic, I used the fantastic StyleCatcher plugin to change the look and feel. I selected a style called Make my way from the Movable Type style contest. I know it is not very original, as there mioght be dozens of other blogs using the same style, but it is far better than I ever could make.

This is where it stands now. I still have some minor issues to fix, which will probably be done next week. What do you think about the new Brain Tags?

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers