Progress with eZ Publish

I have been playing a little bit more with eZ Publish for the BryteNet site. One little disappointment was that I could not generate friendly URIs like, but I have to work with URIs as According to the eZ people this is because BryteNet has set up PHP as a CGI process and not through Apache’s mod_php, which understands the accept_path_info function. The Brytenet servers implemented PHP as a CGI process for security reasons, and there is no way to change this in an easy way. I still don’t understand why this is such a problem, as other PHP applications such as WordPress are able to produce friendly URIs.

Anyway, maintaining a site’s content with eZ Publish is very easy. I have been able to set up the whole content structure in no-time, and even made some changes to the default templates. Templating is more daunting, as the template language used is very, very complete. For the moment I have only made some small changes, and have concentrated myself on the actual contents of the site.

Today I also created a Dutch version of the BryteNet site, which was done within 5 minutes! Now I am translating all content, which is done in a very clever way. A single object (text, folder, image,…) can have several translations, and depending on the way you access this object, one version or the other is shown. So going to gives me the default (English) view of the home page, while will show me the Dutch view of the same object. Very neat! I still have to translate the FAQ section, which for the moment will show the default language, even if I request the Dutch view.

When all has been translated into Dutch, I will add Spanish and Catalan too. And probably about the same time I will start tweaking my templates to change the components shown and the layout of the pages. The nicest job, making a unique design for this site, I will keep for the last, as it is the most logical order, and to have something to work to.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers