Google Personalized Homepage API

I have been looking at Google Personalized Homepage (GPH) before, but quickly decided that it has no additional use for me.

GPH offers you the possibility to add content (RSS feeds) to the Google Search home page, which is fine if you only use three or four news sources to stay up-to-date. But if you use several more news sources, you probably already use a feed aggregator to read them, and don’t need the GPH.

I did like the idea of seeing the weather forecast on the homepage, but unfortunately neither Lleida nor Harmelen are available in the configuration of this widget. Microsoft does this better on their portal, since it does have information for Lleida, and correctly recognizes Harmelen to insert the weather forecast for Utrecht.

Today Google published an API for GPH, which hopefully will set a lot of creative programmers to work. At this moment I am only interested in two widgets: a better weather widget and an e-mail linked to my normal POP3 or IMAP mail, since I normally don’t use GMail.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers