RSS Bandit

RSS Bandit

I have switched my RSS reader from the web-based Bloglines to the PC based RSS Bandit.

I have always used Bloglines, since I wanted to access my feeds from anywhere, but recently came to the conclusion that I only read feeds from exactly two PC's.

Whenever I am traveling, I hardly have the time or possibilities to connect to the Internet, and usually only read my e-mail.

Bloglines has many features, but misses one: the ability to work off-line. One of my wishes was to be able to search through feeds while being off-line, which by nature is something Bloglines cannot offer.

Another, less important, feature I missed in Bloglines is a three-pane view: folder-headline-text. A three-panel view saves time when going through a big list of headlines.

While I am still tweaking RSS Bandit to my wishes, I am quite satisfied with it. I get through my feeds faster and can spend my off-line time reading as well. RSS Bandit has a nice little feature that lets me upload the feed list and the read status to a FTP server, so I can continue where I left off on another PC.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers