Address lists

I have two address lists, which I synchronize daily. One copy resides on my Palm Zire 31 which I always take with me, and the other list is my Outlook contacts folder on my Office PC. My address list is growing every day, and each time it costs me more to maintain it.

Looking up addresses is fast. The search function on my Palm and the excellent LookOut plug-in for Outlook are very fast. But updating information cost more. I regularly receive address changes from companies of friends. And if it is a big company I might have dozens of entries for it in my address list, which I have to update one by one. The same happens for friends and family. I usually have two entries for each ‘couple’, so I can store birth dates and mobile phone numbers. But they share the same address and home phone.

My ideal PIM application would store ‘contacts’ in two separate but linked tables: an address and a person. If I change the address, it will change for all persons within that address. Yes, that would be great!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers