It's a small place

It’s a small place is a new blog I created today. You might be wondering why I am starting a new blog while I even haven’t got the time to update Brain tags regularly! The truth is that I am blogging just as much as always, but I spread my writings over several sites to prevent clutter.

If you are interested in my personal life and general writings about technology and travelling, Brain Tags is the place to be.

And if you are interested in news and my opinion about the Point of Sale market, I give you the POS Blog.

And now I have It’s a small place, giving you a view behind the curtains of a small part-time hosting company.

I have started writing about what I did to set it all up, with todays article telling on how I got the idea to start a hosting business. Of course, Brain Tags readers already know the answer, but I included it for completeness.

It’s a small place is also the first site I created in WordPress. For the moment the set-up is very basic (I only changed the default templates) but you can expect some more tinkering in the coming weeks. So far I have been impressed by WordPress: the installation was peanuts, and there is plenty of functionality. The user interface is not as sleek as the Movable Type interface, but I value function over looks anyway.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers