I can't travel and write

The last two weeks I have made two business trips; I visited London and the Netherlands. The last two weeks there have been no changes to this site. The obvious conclusion is that travelling and writing don’t go together. I have encountered some reasons for this incompatibility:

  1. It is hard to find Internet connections. I spend most of my time in meeting rooms or in the car, without any computer in the neighbourhood. The rest of the time I am in restaurants or in hotels, where I can rarely find an Internet terminal and they have one it is ridiculously expensive.
  2. I work a lot more. Since I don't have a home or friends to go to after work, I usually work the whole day. When I arrive in my hotel room, all I do is some zapping on the TV (does anybody know a hotel that does not offer that horrible CNN?) and go to bed.
  3. There is nothing to tell. Since I don't do anything special and do not read my feeds, I have no inspiration.

Anyway, Im back home again, and will pick up my ‘normal’ life during the next days.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers