Making dreams come true

To make dreams come true you need two things: focus and time. Without focus a project takes way too much time, and without time…

Anyway, I had a dream that I wanted to come true. With some spare time in the weekend and in the lunch breaks, which are 2½ hours here, the second factor was available. I struggled a little bit more with the first factor, since I tend to jump from database design to logo design to testing out e-mail automation. But I managed to stick to my plan:

  • Create a new domain;
  • Install WHM;
  • Move my current sites from TotalChoice Hosting to WHM;
  • Define my hosting packages;
  • Install phpCOIN;
  • Create a PayPal merchant account;
  • Install IPN module and test Paypal;
  • Define products and prices;
  • Test the order and invoice processes;
  • Test helpdesk e-mail processing;
  • Write Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy;
  • Tweak hundreds of parameters;
  • Design a nice logo;
  • Create a new stylesheet
  • Add some more information about the server and the hosting plans;
  • Add hosted by buttons to my current sites;
  • Make some publicity;
  • …profit!!!

Everything is fully operational, but it has a horrible design. I hope to fix all that this week, take my summer holidays and open the site on August 1st.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers