For people who don’t know where Lleida is: it lies about 160 km south-west of Barcelona, in the centre of the Segre valley, surrounded by hills. These hills make that Lleida usually is free of wind, which has great influence on the weather in Lleida.

In summer, the lack of wind makes it 5-10°C hotter than e.g. Barcelona, with weeks of 40°C. The inhabitants prefer to spend their free time in the nearby pyrenees or beaches, which have a more pleasant temperature. As a result, Lleida turns into an empty ghost town in summer.

In winter, the lack of wind together with the lower temperatures create a dense fog, which stays for many days. At this moment we haven’t seen a single ray of sun during almost two weeks. The frustrating of the fog is that is is very local. 20km outside of Lleida, in any direction, the sun is shining each day, and the temperature is 15-20° higher! Every day the news shows a clear wheather map, with one small white dot about 160 km south-west of Barcelona. :-(

We desperately want a little bit of wind, which will blow away the fog and show us that the sun still exists. If not, we will leave town in the weekend to get some sun and leave Lleida as a ghost town just like in summer.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers