2004 Recap

The year 2004 is almost over, which means that it is time for reviews. All important media have a review, so Brain Tags as wel!


Lets start with the most important day of this year: August 7. For us the greatest thing of that day was to see all our friends and all our family together. Even though they could not understand each other, it was great to see how they tried to help.

Another personal highlight of 2004 was of course our holidays in Thailand. I still have to upload the pictures, but promise that I will do it.


2004 has also been the year of new technology. It started with a a new computer after cursing on the old one for over two years. I chose a cheap but decent white label box, and expect that it will last seven years as well.

After that came a new cellphone since my ‘old’ one landed under a car. I am still very happy with my Siemens M55.

And to bring back some structure in my life, I searched eBay for a PalmOne Zire 31 PDA. It is used daily, and can’t image how I got things done without.


Also my professional life became more interesting, with our participation at the CeBIT, and trips to Cyprus, the Netherlands and Germany.

Brain Tags

And finally, this site. Since it is my hobby, I spend a lot of time tweaking it. This year, I have upgraded the CMS to version 3, added a Link Dump section to store links to interesting sites and texts, changed hosting provider since my old provider is going out of business and added a Music Jukebox to offer MP3 files.

Quite a good year, don’t you think?

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers