Do you have a DVD player?


Now that I have burned my first DVD with material we recorded last summer, I want to show it to our friends and family.

But I notice a great difference between the people here and in Holland. All our family and friends here have a DVD player. Videotape is dead; DVD is the current device to use. It is almost impossible to rent a recent movie on tape. However, none of the Dutch people I have recently spoken have a DVD player! This includes my parents and my sister, probably the persons that are the most interested in our recordings.

This weekend I will have to spend some time to copy the DVD contents to tape, so I will be able to show them our adventures in Thailand when we visit them in November.

I am wondering whether Spain really is more technically advanced than the Netherlands (who would have expected that?), whether my friends and family here are more gadget freaks than the people we know in the north of Europe, or whether I simply did not speak to the right people in the Netherlands. Do you have a DVD player?

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers