Am I afraid to blog?

In the pas years I have written 375 entries, linkdump excluded, for this site, of which only 21, 6%, are related to my professional life. Does that mean that nothing interesting is happening during the hours I spend in the office? Does that mean I am not enthusiastic about my job?

Of course not. I don’t write about my job because I don’t know how my colleagues are going to react. The things happening here simply don’t pass to my personal filter; the same filter that blocks all subjects that are too personal.

Lately I have been thinking about writing more about my job, since we are doing very interesting things, and I don’t know anybody else writing about POS software, warehouse software and financial software. I thought about mentioning the idea to my colleagues before I start writing more, but is that really necessary???

I am clearly not the only person having these thoughts, and today Robert Scoble tried to convince all of us to not be afraid to blog. He is absolutely right, corporate blogging can give another face to your company. I’ll have to think it over a little bit more, and maybe soon you will find more news about ICG software on this site. If that would happen, Robert Scoble can be satisfied about his work.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers