Video editing problems continued

After all problems I encountered last week, I laid my little video project to rest for a while. Until yesterday; when I felt the itch of an unfinished project. In the mean time I found on the internet how to get around the rendering problem: I simply created another project that contained the problematic scene plus some footage before and after, rendered it to an AVI file, and included this file in my project. A few hours of rendering later I had my DVD!

Happily I inserted the precious disk into our DVD player to admire the result. But… all sound editing, sound levels and background music, I had done in the project had disappeared and in some scenes the sound was out of sync. Once again I was very disappointed! :-(

I got back on the internet, and search the Pinnacle support forums. There was a huge thread about this problem, which lead me to the FAQ. I have to update my software to version 9.0.8 to fix this problem. On the download page I found a huge patch (46 Mb) to update to version 9.1.2. What bothered me most is that this fix is from June, while I purchased the software in September. They simply sold me a defect product, while they had already solved these problems!

I am downloading the patch now, and this afternoon I will buy a DVD+RW disk to try to burn my project again.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers