Using my PalmOne Zire 31 as flash drive

The PalmOne Zire 31 comes with a SD slot and a default, small, card of 16 Mb. It's basic use is to put MP3 songs on it, to be played with the RealOne player. Putting files on the SD card is very easy; you only have to drag the file to the QuickInstall icon, and the next time you synchronise it will put the file on the card.

However, you can only access the file from the Palm, there is no way to copy it back to a PC. I would like such a function, to keep some important documents with me, which I can access from any PC.

Therefore I was really happy when I found Card Export II. This little application emulates a USB mass storage device on the Palm, so you can access it as a flash drive. But after installing it, I received an error message when connecting to my PC: Cannot open USB port 0307. I e-mailed the Softick support department, and two days later they presented a new version, which also works on the PalmOne Zire 31. Great!

Card Export II
Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers