Music Jukebox

When I read about the Jukebox that Lijn created, I got this feeling inside…

I copied the two files to my server, made some changes to the configuration, and there it is: the Brain Tags Jukebox!!!

It needs a little bit of decoration, but the functionality is there. All songs will stay available for 96 hours, after which they will automagically disappear.

At this moment you can find You Learn About It from The Gathering, and of course the wildly popular new song from the Pixies Ain’t That Pretty At All.

Happy downloading!

[Update 2004.09.24] I added some echo statements to the PHP code, and the results looks a lot better. It is also valid XHTML now. [Update 2006.11.9] More than two years later, the jukebox became obsolete and has been removed from this site.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers