Poor dog

Even the best drivers sometime get into situations in which they cannot prevent damage. I am not one of the best drivers, so I might get into this kind of situations a little bit more.

This morning when I was driving to the office, I noticed a dog crossing the road. The car coming from the opposite direction stopped, and the dog reached the other side of the road without problems. I was still far away from that point, but I noticed another dog standing next to my side of the road. I imagined that this dog would want to follow his friend, so I slowed down. About ten seconds after spotting the dog, I passed the dog, driving carefully. And exactly at that moment the dog decided to cross the road. I hit the brakes, but could not prevent hitting the poor fellow. Of course I immediately pulled down the car next to the road, and went to look for the dog. However, he was gone — I assume he ran away into the orchards next to the road. When I inspected the car, I noticed one bump and a broken spotlight. Tomorrow I will have it repaired.

I would like to use this opportunity to tell the owner of the dog that I am very sorry, but that I could not have prevented it. Sorry…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers