MP3 experiment

I have plenty of bandwidth, and have been thinking about ways to use it. It appears to me that the best way to burn up my bandwidth is to serve MP3 files.

So as an experiment I offer you Ain’t That Pretty At All from the Pixies, since this is becoming a Pixies site anyway.

Keep in mind that it is an experiment; I might withdraw the file at any moment.

[Update 2004.09.17] I guess a week is more than enough for this experiment, so I removed the file. I have obtained the desired overview on how MP3 downloads affect bandwidth useage. I also found out that Pixies fans are highly interconnected: until 2 days ago, the file was hardly downloaded, but after somebody published a link on a buletin board, the link was copied to many other buletin boards within a few hours, and downloads skyrocked.

[Update 2004.09.22] With the addition of the Brain Tags Jukebox to this site, I also returned the Pixies file. It will be available for another 96 hours.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers