Almost a week ago we returned from our holiday in Thailand. The fact that I did not write anything about it yet has two reasons:

  1. 1. We have been too busy taking up our social life again, meeting friends and family, supper here, coffee/beer there... I simply did not touch my computers last week.
  2. I find it difficult to write about things that happened more than a day ago. And during my stay abroad I prefer to visit temples and markets over writing in an internet café.

But since the first page of this site looks very empty, I will write a little bit about our trip.

Unlike all our previous vacations, we did not prepare the trip ourselves, but we decided to get ‘luxury’ and have a travel agency work out the details for us. That means that we didn’t have to think for a single second when we were in Thailand. The planes and the hotels were booked, and each morning they picked us up for yet another interesting excursion. Of course the downside of this is that we only ended up in places cramped with other tourists and did not make any unexpected discovery.

We visited Bangkok, Chang Rai, Chang Mai and Ko Samui. Each of these places offered basically the same: souvenirs, temples, souvenirs, tuk-tuks, souvenirs, great food, souvenirs, massages, souvenirs, fake watches, souvenirs, canals, souvenirs and souvenirs. Besides these basics, each of the places had something special: Bangkok is a true metropolis, Chang Rai has beautiful hills and their tribes, Chang Mai has a lot of traditional handicraft and Ko Samui has of course the beach.

There is much more to tell about our holiday. Maybe I will tell you about it over a good glass of beer, or someday I will write it down here…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers