Six months

Six months ago I set some targets for myself for this year. Now that I am halfway the year, it is time to evaluate my progress:

Learn to speak Spanish

My Spanish is definitely better, simply because I have been using it some months more. I planned to study more structurally, but so far I haven’t spent a single minute doing this. There’s still work to do on this one.

Say "ja"

I am on schedule on this one; I expect to finish this task in 36 days.

Call old friends

I have more contact with my old friends in Holland than I had last year. However, for my feeling it can be even better.

Finish work in the house

The plans have been made, now all we have to do is say to eachother to start. I still have hope.

Be less afraid of risks

This is the most vague item on the list, and I don’t know how I can ‘measure’ the result. My feeling tells me that it hasn’t changed much.

Think about the future

My plans for the near future, 2–3 years, are ready. But what do I want with the rest of my life?????

Spend more time in the nature

For several reasons, we haven’t made as many excursions as we would like. Now that summer has come, the only nature we can visit is the Mediteranian Sea. This item has been postponed to autumn.

Learn to program in python.

Not started yet… All in all I have the feeling that at 50% of the year I haven’t reached 50% of my aims.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers