I have been using the services of Mobical for some time now, mainly to back up my cell phone’s contact list, and have been very satisfied. Once in a while I press the button on my phone, and I know that all my phone numbers are stored safely on a server in Sweden. They also supply a web interface to your data, so you can enter your contacts with more than nine buttons, but I never used that.

Today I visited them again, and noticed that they have created version two of their service. Version two is not backwards compatible, so I had to create a new account. After setting up my account, I uploaded the data from my phone, and looked around at the site. It all looks very professional, and I can imagine that some people use this as their main agenda contact list. It has a nice overview window with the upcoming meetings and tasks, and you can browse your contacts in an intuitive way. Notes have been implemented as post-it notes glued to each page, with the option to drag them with your mouse. Really neat… if you only have one note. I tend to store many small pieces of useful information as notes on my phone (I definitely have to buy me a Palm) and the pot-its became very annoying. I tried to close the ‘windows’, but a pop-up warned me that I was about to delete the note.

For the moment I continue to use Mobical as always: to back-up my data.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers