Unproductive weather

Summer in Lleida has a bad name. Being in the inlands without any lake and usually without even a small breeze makes Lleida a very hot place. The hottest months yet have to come and the temperature is already at 38°C. With this kind of temperatures you have only two options to spend your free time: inside the water (a swimming pool or the sea) or in the mountains. In both cases it is advisable to leave early in the morning, as driving a car can be unbearable during the day.

This weekend we chose the swimming pool option, since we didn’t feel like driving very far. As a result, our activities were limited to those you can do in a swimming pool, which is basically limited to reading. Fortunately I still had to read the latest Linux Journal, but for next weekend I will have to buy some books.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers