Getting things done

Just like many people, sometimes my head bursts of all things I have to remember and to do. In fact, my short—term memory is terrible; I am able to tell you to do something and completely forget about it within 10 minutes. The reason for this is that I can be completely focussed on the action I am doing at the moment. I am aware of this problem, and have tried out many strategies to overcome this. How can I process the enormous amount of information I receive by e-mail, hear from colleagues and clients and read on the internet without getting drowned in it, so that I can actually get things done?

The answer for me lies in the last three words: for the last year I have been applying David Allen’s methodology called Getting Things Done. This method looks a lot like the things I have been trying out before; only it is worked out a lot better. The basis is to process your inbox (which can be mail, paper, phone…) and fill your calendar and next action system. Combined with a weekly review, this system ensures that no action will slip out of your system, and you actually get things done.


Of course the whole thing is explained in more detail in the book by David Allen, but this scheme explains a lot.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers