There is a law that is valid on both the internet as on every school yard: how important you are depends on who your friends are. Nowadays on the internet, your importance is expressed as PageRank. PageRank is a number between 0 and 10, calculated in a very secret way, but based on the amount of links to your site and the PageRank of the sites linking to you. If you own a site with a high PageRank (8+) you can earn a lot of money by simply putting a link to other sites on your homepage.

Knowing this, I wondered how popular I am. What is the PageRank of this site, where on the internet popularity scale am I. I looked it up, and found that I am exactly in the middle; I have a PageRank of 5/10. I am not the most popular guy on the school yard, but neither a looser without any friends.

This made me wonder what I had to do to get a 6. What kind of sites have a 6? And a 7? So I visited some sites from my bookmarks and made a short list with example sites for each PageRank:

PageRank Example site
10 Google
9 SlashDot
8 CSS Zen Garden
7 Zeldman
6 Weblog about Markup & Style
5 Brain Tags
4 Fimcap
3 Familie Naafs - Van Dijk
2 KJG Roundabout
1 Startpagina voor Jong Nederland
0 Jong Nederland Harmelen

It was quite difficult to find sites with PageRank 1 and 2. Most sites I found have a PageRank of 3 and 4. Most popular sites reside at PageRank 8. Jong Nederland Harmelen obviously did something very wrong, since Google punishes them hard for not letting the GoogleBot spider their site.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers