WAP revisited

Since September of last year, this site is also available in WAP format at http://wap.braintags.com/. As you might imagine, there are not many people using this feature, I guess only 2-5 visitors per day.

With my new phone I also had a look at this site over WAP, and ran into an error. Clearly the template I was using was not OK. I made this template myself, because at the time I could not find a suitable template on the internet.

I decided to search again, and found Building a Better Wap Diary describing how to set up a WAP site with individual archives. This sounded interesting, since until now I published the last X items in a single file, without the possibility to view archived posts. I quickly set to work, using the provided templates as the base for my own styled pages. I checked the result on two different phones and on a WAP emulator on the internet, and it looked alright on all of them. The new WAP site is better in three ways:

  • The index page contains only the titles of the last entries. Before it contained also the full texts. Therefore, the index will load much faster;
  • Now all texts are available, in stead of only the latest ones. I only have to wait for Google to pass by, and I expect an increase in the number of visitors;
  • I also included the comments and trackbacks in the individual archives.
Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers